The lack of stable accommodation leads to vulnerable people being moved from place to place, unable to settle down and build a stable life. People lacked the skills and the knowledge on how to navigate the difficulties in the UK system of housing and this often led to homelessness.

Hope4All Vision/Mission


Our VISION is to train faith and community leaders and other volunteers that can in turn train people on how to handle any housing issues that they may have. We would love to see this training been replicated nationally in order to empower as many people as possible with the basic knowledge of housing.

The present housing crisis and lack of understanding of how this issue can be addressed through the church and community leaders have left many people powerless to help the community.

Our MISSION is to work, empower and equip and build confidence in the local church and community to transform and to be more practical in doing what the church preaches in respect to loving your neighbours.


HOPE4ALL Housing Surgery Project

Our aim is simple – to break the cycle of a lack of stable accommodation in order to prevent homelessness. The project will provide education and support, boosting people’s knowledge on all issues surrounding housing such as tenant & landlord’s disputes, disrepairs, licences, rent deposit scheme, total rental information pack and so on. We also want to signpost individuals to relevant support agencies. Our vision is to train church leaders, faith leaders and their communities and volunteers with knowledge and skills to help resolve housing issues so that people are not left powerless in the face of the current housing crisis.


The training has reached churches in the community and others outside of the church. Training such as Housing Management, Homelessness, Rent Deposit Scheme, Types of Notices/ Tenancies, HHSRS etc.

Over the past 4 years, Hope4All has delivered training, information, advice and guidance to local people which has equipped and boost their confidence in dealing with general housing issues in order to prevent homelessness. We are currently offering virtual housing advice and support via telephone due to the unprecedented pandemic which has been causing homeless to increase.

We have also offered a Health & Safety training which has helped people to go back to work through inclusiveness, diversity and equality. The training has helped to bring the community together which has created more open doors and people have more confidence in approaching the church for assistance.

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Hope4All works with Churches and Communities by training you to equip others so that no one is left homeless.

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