Our Vision

We at HHF are here to provide the necessary support to all service beneficiaries regardless of their race, background and personal history or circumstances.

Therefore, our vision is to empower, motivate and inspire all service beneficiaries and reinforce confidence and self-esteem to build a better future by providing them with the appropriate support, information, advice, skills and training for an easy integration back into their communities.

Our Story

Hands of Hope Foundation (HHF), is a registered charity organisation with a Christian ethos in the United Kingdom. The Foundation’s focus is on empowering people and bringing HOPE. The foundation provides housing and educational support, information, advice and advocacy. God showed us that when people are given the right opportunity, the necessary tools and with appropriate support, every individual can make a change. They can be the best they can be and give something back to the community. And this became our mission, to extend a hand of hope like Peter did to the lame man in Acts 3.
HHF is also committed to assisting in any way possible, African Orphanage homes with resources to help keep their projects going through our ‘Poverty Alleviation Programme’

Community Services

Training & Assessment

At HHF we provide basic training, we assess the people who come to us for advice and support. We organise workshops and seminars in order to provide the beneficiaries with the training and skills required to seek employment.


Housing Advice

This is our virtual office where people can call to make enquiries about the foundation and how we may be able to assist them if necessary. Part of our duty is to make every one going through a struggle of trying to fit back into the community.



Hope4All focuses on the issues of tenancy sustainment in order to prevent homelessness by delivering training in the community.

These trainings have helped to create more awareness on how to handle various housing issues such as disputes between tenants and landlords, rent arrears, rent repayment order, types of tenancies and licences available etc.

The training provided has empowered people to deal with their housing issues and they have then gone on to help other people in doing the same.

The training has reached churches in the community and others outside of the church. Training such as Housing Management, Homelessness, Rent Deposit Scheme, Types of Notices/ Tenancies, HHSRS etc.


Hands of Hope Care Foundation (HHCF)

This is our international arm that runs missions in Africa which we aim to formally register as an NGO in Nigeria. Through this organisation, we provide the Poverty Alleviation Programme with a mission to ease poverty in Africa. We support orphanages that are transparent, accountable and are working hard to make a difference in the lives of children.

Educational/Skill-Based Training Housing Support

We provide access to jobs, teach life skills, courses as well as provide the much-needed resources to equip people to become employable or to start their own businesses. Some of the areas we have focused on are Sewing, Carpentry, Hair Dressing, Basic IT, Makeup etc.

We delivered the Think First Anger Management Programme in a Nigerian prison.

Get Involved.

You can get involved in several ways. We know you have something to give, either by giving your time or skills to our foundation or supporting us financially to help our cause.

We need the support of the community around us, for without it there would not be Hands of Hope Foundation (HHF) in the community.

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