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Seminar & training 2023


‘Hands of Hope Foundation’ in collaboration with ‘Food for Purpose’ presents a seminar on Housing and Food.

The cost of living has been increasing across the UK since early 2021, reaching its highest in October 2022. Housing and access to food is becoming challenging for many, and it is known that food poverty and housing instability are highly correlated. There is a need to assess the bi-directional relationship between food poverty and housing instability over time.

Research shows that families who experience food poverty are at higher odds of experiencing housing instability, and families who experience housing instability also have increased odds of experiencing food poverty.

In order to reduce food poverty and housing instability, we can not tackle one without the other. This seminar will discuss the various issues and links between food poverty and housing instability. It will address the question of whether consolidating anti-poverty programs or increasing referrals to various programs would help to reduce these 2 economic hardships.

Event Speakers

Meet the speakers for our upcoming event in March

Adeola Ogunade

CEO - Hands of Hope Foundation


Shola Oladipo

CEO - Food for Purpose


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